Joann Neylan for Mayor

JoAnn and her husband raised their three children in Westfield.  She formerly served as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn where she helped put sexual predators behind bars.  From 2004-2019 she served as a Councilwoman from the Second Ward on Westfield’s Town Council. JoAnn is currently the Public Defender in Mountainside. 

JoAnn’s experience on Town Council has shown that she has deep-rooted experience in local government. As the former Chair of the Finance Policy Committee, and hands-on leader during Hurricanes Sandy and Irene, she understands what it takes to implement fiscal discipline without sacrificing best-in-class government services.

Public service is a privilege and a duty JoAnn takes very much to heart.  She has a record of service she is proud of and is now eager to bring her work ethic, experience, and passion to the role of mayor. Over the years JoAnn has witnessed how local politics has changed, how it has become full of vitriol and divisiveness. JoAnn is eager to focus on the local issues that truly affect Westfield residents and ensure that every resident’s voice is heard. As a proven public servant JoAnn knows that an effective leader listens to all sides of an issue.  JoAnn is committed to affirming that home-town feel that makes Westfield so appealing while ensuring that we continue to grow and make smart progress as we enter into a new post-covid environment. JoAnn’s commitment to serving you is unwavering. She believes in fiscal responsibility, safe neighborhoods, an inviting town, and most of all a government that is inclusive and welcomes every resident’s point of view. We are a local community; we have to focus on local issues that matter to Westfield residents- that is what JoAnn is committed to providing. 

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