The 2020 General Election is Almost Entirely Vote By Mail

September 24, 2020

Ballots for all registered voters have begun being mailed in Union County. EVERY registered voter in NJ will be receiving a mail-in ballot, whether or not it was requested. Westfield residents should expect to receive their ballots in the next 2 weeks.

We recommend that you complete your ballot as soon as it is received and deliver it to the secure ballot box in Westfield located at the Fraser Building on 300 North Avenue. Ballots can also be returned to any ballot box in the county (see for the full list of secure ballot box locations), to the Union County Clerk’s Office or Board of Elections, via the U.S. Mail, or turned into your polling location on Election Day. Votes cast in person at your polling location on Election Day will be provisional ballots (with the exception of ADA compliant machines for the disabled), which can take weeks to certify. Please don’t discard your ballot when it arrives!

For more information please visit:, the Union County Board of Elections Website, or the Westfield General Election Information webpage for more details and information regarding WHERE TO CAST YOUR VOTE in this primarily vote by mail election. Don’t wait until November 3rd!