The Westfield Town Republican Committee “WTRC” is the organized entity of the Republican Party for the Town of Westfield, New Jersey. The WTRC is a grassroots organization that seeks to bring new members into our party and educate voters about our candidates and issues.  

We are residents of Westfield, volunteers and coaches, homeowners and renters, independent-minded, and community-focused. We welcome all residents and believe an informed, committed, and involved citizenry are necessary for our community’s proper functioning.

We seek to:

  • Control taxes and maintain a balanced budget
  • Protect our Town’s character
  • Limit government
  • Promote a Strong and involved community
  • Hold our leaders accountable

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Westfield Town Republican Committee Leadership

Chair: Sam Della Fera
Vice Chair of Administration: Rob Benacchio
Vice Chair of Community Events: Dennis Cariello
Vice Chair of Finance:
Vice Chair of Media: Terry Quinn
Vice Chair of Outreach: Colleen Meacock
Secretary: Kelly Werder
Treasurer: Dyanna Pepitone
Legal Counsel: James M. Foerst

Elected Republican Officials

Town of Westfield
3rd Ward: Mark LoGrippo

District 21
Senator Tom Kean
Assemblyman Jon Bramnick
Assemblywoman Nancy Munoz